Jim :: Fan Mail Address

You can use the following address to send fan mail to Jim Parsons.

Jim Parsons
Innovative Artists L.A.
1505 10th Street
Santa Monica, CA 90401

Thanks fanmail.biz
(this address may not be correct, but it should be)

How it Works:

If you live in USA and want a signed photo back you need to send a properly stamped and self addressed envelope with your request letter and a photo for him to sign (he may have his own but better be safe than sorry).

If you do not live in USA, make sure to add an International Reply Coupon. The International Reply Coupon (IRC) will be to purchase american stamps. You can only get them at your post office. Put the IRC inside the envelope, not on it, your postal worker will know what to do.

Dec 2009
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8 Responses to : Jim :: Fan Mail Address

  1. david barnes says:

    Dear Sir,

    It is with a great deal of pleasure that we write to ask you to award our son, Joshua Scott Barnes, with the honor you deem appropriate , on his becoming as Eagle Scout. He is a big fan!

    As you know, this is the highest award that a scout can receive. Joshua went far beyond the Eagle rank and is also being awarded five palms. The leader of his Eagle Review stated that he had the best letter of intent that he had seen in forty years. Less than five percent of all scouts will achieve the glorious rank of Eagle. He has truly made us proud. Joshua is the 83rd Eagle from Troop 19 of the Cape Fear Chapter of the Boy Scouts of America out of Wilmington NC. The leaders of Troop 19 are building tomorrow’s leaders and are assets to the surrounding community.

    Would you please be so kind as to send Joshua Scout Barnes a letter of greeting, along with any items that you wish to be presented to him during a recognition ceremony to be held at Riegelwood Baptist Church on May 17th, 2014. All of the letters and other forms of recognition will be placed in a display commemorating this special occasion. All items will be placed in a binder and or display case after they have been presented to Joshua at the recognition ceremony. Anything sent will be a great keepsake to memorialize this rare event.

    Thank you very much for taking time from your extremely busy schedule to help this community and this troop to recognize the personal achievement and service of Eagle Scout Joshua Barnes.

    Info: Eagle Scout Joshua Scott Barnes from Troop 19 Wilmington NC
    Became an Eagle March 25th 2014


    David and Tracy Barnes
    Please send any items to :
    David Barnes 5020 Medlin RD Leland NC 28451

  2. Jesse Pierce says:

    Dear Mr.parsons. I was very curios to why you are not returning for The Big Bang Theory Sheldon is my favorite character because we are so much alike besides no college would take a 14 year old please contact me at jpierce355@gmail.com thank you from
    Jesse Pierce

  3. asal says:

    Dear Mr.Parsons
    I’m a 15_year old,Iranian girl wishing to contact you but all I have is your movie series.I cant even add you on facebook I don’t know why… So if you could reply me it would mean a world to me because that’s my only hope to contact you

  4. Dear James Joseph Parsons ;-)

    Love The big bang thing
    but i love al the T-shirts you ware.
    can you send me some?


  5. timothy faber says:

    Hello mr Jim parsons. How are you, my condolences to for
    The stars you have known who have passed away sirand I love
    Your Batman t shirts on the show thank you for. Your hard
    Sincerley yours timfaber

  6. Dear jim parsons Paul here I am a big fan of yours I think you are fantastic I love watching you on the big bang theory I loved the episode when you where in the ball pit and Leonard went In after you and you where saying ( bazinga) it was very funny I love you very much you are my favourite actor of all time ive been interested in the science that you do on the big bang theory you are a superstar you are 100 percent excellent and 100 percent brilliant I love you so much and your work
    Thank you very much
    Your biggest fan Paul xxx

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